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Evergreen offers a small but very select collection of restored, original and restorable pianos.
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1954 7'6" Bluthner aliquot grand piano.  Spectacular instrument!  This piano was safely stored for decades.  The original action components show minimal wear and it responded wonderfully to reconditioning.  We are currently refinishing this wonderful piano in a satin ebony.  $34,000.  Includes delivery in 48 states.

Very sweet cat.  He is a piano catnician, ready to tune and service your piano regularly.  Please come to our shop to visit ZAZU the piano catnician!

SOLD 1919 Baldwin M.  New finish, new strings, regilded plate, refinished orginal spruce soundboard, wonderfully powerfull deep tone. $13500

1931 Steinway M.  Fully restored with the original soundboard.  New renner action, hand rub ebony finish.  Come try it out!  $26,900

Baldwin M from 1954.  Wonderfully preserved with a newer mahogany finish.  The baldwin M is 5'2" and has a warm deep tone.  This piano is in top condition structurally and is ready to be the focal point of your home as well as a life long family heirloom.  $8900

1929 Mason & Hamlin Model A.  Wonderful original piano at 5'8"  it has a truly original Mason tone!  This piano has not been restored but is in good original condition.  Further upgrade options include restorting the cabinet and replaceing the strings.  Offered in it's original condition at $8900

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